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I’m Kerrie, Your New E-commerce Business Bestie

If you have a Shopify store, a high end brand and you want more sales, more profit and more traffic- let's be friends.  I help female e-commerce brands create massive visibility in their business with more traffic.

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Ready to blow up your online store?

You have an incredible product but you wish you could wave a magic wand and get it right in front of people who would actually buy it instead of seeing CRICKETS when it comes to sales. That's where I come in. I help you generate more traffic without spending a penny on ads.

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ECOMMERCE SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP. Where community & coaching meets education and growth! Stop trying to do your business on your own, be in a community of like minded e-comm shop owners who can lift you up and support. you. $47/month

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{ Cultish Product}

An intimate small group 3-month coaching program for ESTABLISHED e-comm brands-entirely focused around helping you increase your VISIBILITY and Building a cult-like brand. Next round starts mid 2023

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90 Minute Sessions
Get clarity, personalized feedback and EYEBALLS  on your business.
Perfect if you need some quick support with one specific thing or have a ton of questions that you wish you could ask someone.

1:1 Coaching & Strategy Sessions

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My signature program!



From my ecommerce BIBLE - ecommerce sales academy course to driving traffic inside traffic bootcamp to mastering your email marketing inside ease into email marketing- we have something for you. Courses are all self-paced and affordable

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{For New or Early Stage E-Commerce Brands}

“Kerrie was the best choice I’ve made for growing my e-commerce business. She’s a freaking creative genius!” 


Enneagram 3, marketing ninja, lover of hot sauce, champagne and The Office. 

I love teaching people like you grow your e-commerce brand without relying solely on ads or spending all your time on Instagram. With the right visibility & stronger marketing, you can have the product business of your dreams.

About me

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The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast

Ready to learn? Binge listen to The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast for all things marketing, sales and growth in the e-commerce and physical product space.
Top 100 in USA Marketing  

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4 Proven Ways To Increase Your Sales

A free masterclass and video training to help you identify 4 new ways to increase your sales. 


Increase Your Website Conversion 

Stop driving traffic and then losing them because your website sucks. This will help you convert more into sales. 


The Roadmap to More Customers

Your roadmap to getting more customers, more sales all without a penny of adspend.



Helping female e-commerce owners create the physical product brand of their


You started your business with a dream in mind..... My goal is to help you create a better business with more sales, more profit, more traffic and more impact.  

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The Top Downloaded Podcast Episodes—

Master The Art of Organic Marketing (w/o ads)

A must- read for all the incredible e-commerce business tips I have learned.


Top Mistakes E-commerce Brands Are Making

Avoid these top mistakes in your e-commerce business! 


How To Create a Cult Like Following w. Your Brand

Who wants super loyal customers that are obsessed with your brand? Yes please.



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