Trust me, I've been there. I grew my subscription box and e-commerce business to $350,000 in revenue in two years and I will teach you all my tricks so you can do it too.
I have 1:1 coaching, strategy sessions or DIY Courses

Are you looking to significantly increase your revenue and get more customers?

1:1 Coaching

Each of my coaching programs includes either 6 or 12 weeks of calls and messaging/voice message service on voxer. AKA you get access to me, my brain and resources 24/7. 

After learning about your business and what support you need, I design a program that’s fully customized to you.

Our focus can be on anything from increasing your sales and customer acquisition, driving traffic, instagram strategy, and all around marketing and sales strategies to help you make more MONEY!

I work with female entrepreneurs at a variety of stages. This is for you if you have an e-commerce or subscription box business and you:

- Want to get more customers, increase sales and make more profit
- Struggling to generate sales and come up with a marketing strategy that works
- Want to get to the next level in your business
- You are a go-getter and are ready to put in the time and energy to make magic happen.

If you are someone that always has an excuse for why things don't work, doesn't like to try new things or doesn't want to put in the work, then this is not for you.

What's included

Who it's for

Who it's not for

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90 Minute Strategy Sessions

Some ideas for topics include: 

• Website or Marketing Plan Feedback and Strategy

• Product Development and Conception Guidance and Outlining

• Business Growth Strategy (Platforms)

• Customer Acquisition Plan and Marketing Strategies

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Sometimes you need help with something specific to get your business moving forward. Talking with an expert will save you time and money! 

1-2 topics of your choice

Each Session Includes

• Kerrie's prep work for your call (you answer questions ahead of time)

• 90 Minute Strategy Session via Zoom video (you get the recording)

• A recap email with next steps

- Madison Tinder

"Kerrie was literally amazing! I worked with her to start my new e-commerce business, Soulful Scrunchies. She is unbelievable, and really knows what she's talking about. I couldn't have had a successful soulful scrunchies launch with out her. Thank you so much Kerrie, you're amazing"


soulful scrunchies

Client Love

-Leah & Eileen

"Kerrie was amazing to work with! She’s so knowledgeable and has a ton of tricks up her sleeve. She’s fun, honest, and gives practical advice. We highly recommend her!"

Client Love



I've already created, launched, scaled and SOLD a multi 6 figure product business. I grew my revenue to $350,000 in two years with thousands of raving customers

I started a subscription box business called The Dapper Dog Box in 2016 from my living room in Irvine California. I grew the business to multi 6 figures in 2.5 years and successfully sold it in 2019.

Now, I am lucky enough to help amazing entrepreneurs like you, launch or grow their dream product business with ease and confidence.

I share all my secret sauce and marketing ninja tricks so you know exactly how to grow your business and make more money.

Why Choose me?

Im the secret weapon your business has been waiting for.

To learn more about my 1:1 coaching or group programs please fill out an application form.

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