The Ultimate Pinterest SEO Checklist

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How are you getting your content on Pinterest in front of your dream tribes eyeballs? If you are just pinning aimlessly and crossing your fingers that your people see it, unfortunately that will not work. There is one secret weapon when it comes to getting your content to show up right at your dream clients eyes, and that is SEO! When you incorporate Pinterest SEO strategies you are ensuring your content gets in front of your dream clients!


What Is Pinterest SEO?

 The easy way to explain this is:

1. Knowing the set of keywords your clients are using on Pinterest to find something that relates to your business, service and content

2. infusing those keywords into the content so they find it easily…… 

Did you know that keywords on Pinterest are what actually gets your content found?If you aren’t incorporating a simple SEO strategy, you will be invisible to them on Pinterest and be missing out on one of the best channels to drive traffic to your site, get leads, build your email list and SO MUCH MORE! 


How SEO can help your blog, online business

If your overall dream goal for your business is to make more $$ online, think of the key steps to make that goal happen. More traffic, more leads, more customers, better adspend, all will equal more money in your pockets.

  1. SEO will bring your pins to more of your dream customer
  2. You will get increased website traffic. I 10X’ed my increased by website traffic by incorporating SEO strategies into my Pinterest
  3. You can get more leads and customers. By using keywords you will strategically target your customer by using words they are searching for to find your type of service, information, blog, business or product.


Step 1: How To Find Keywords



Step 2. Infuse your keywords in your pinterest profile



Step 3: Infuse your keywords into your board titles and board descriptions


Step 4: Infuse your keywords on your pin graphics


Step 5 Title Your Pin Images with Keywords

Pinterest and SEO go hand in hand… why? because Pinterest is a search engine, not a social platform. Once you can change your mindset on this, you will be able to see how powerful the pinning strategy can be once you infuse everything with keywords.

Are you finding this pinterest SEO post helpful?

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Interested in using Pinterest for your business and want to DIY? Enroll in my online course called “Pinterest for Business 101.”  This is an online course (that you can netflix and binge in one weekend) that will teach you how to use Pinterest for your business to make money, sell products and services, increase traffic and more.

For other free resources on Pinterest, I encourage you to check out my free guide on how to 5X your website traffic with Pinterest with Pinterest or Pinterest for beginners guide and Pinterest tips to attract your ideal customer.

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