4 Ways I scaled my 6 figure subscription box business

How i grew a multi 6 figure subscription box and e-commerce business in two years ….. without



🔥Outsourcing or help


The day I decided to move forward with my business, my little baby was 8 months old and was a year when I launched.. So if you are telling yourself that you can’t/ you don’t know how/ You wouldn’t succeed.. Remember this post. If I could launch and grow a business with a young child, zero support and no ads, then you can too. 

Today I am sharing 4 secrets that made a huge difference in my business and allowed me to grow to multiple 6 figures of yearly revenue, without the use of ads, funding, staff or support.

How did I do it?


Having a no BS, determined attitude that I would succeed no matter what

MINDSET people. I’ll admit I have a lot of mindset issues but when It comes to knowing 100% in my bones that I will be successful, I don’t F around with that. Not only do I believe I will be successful I know I will. That was the attitude I had from day 1 of my product business -The Dapper Dog Box. I told myself straight up I would do whatever it took to make my business grow and giving up, quitting or thinking I was a failure was not even remotely an option. Your mindset will 100% make or break you.



I didn’t wait for everything to be perfect to launch my business

I didnt spend 1 year making everything perfect. 

I didnt have the perfect email list ( I had less than a few hundred people when I launched)

My instagram kinda sucked. My content was boring, it was not super pretty and it was not a “INSTA PERFECT feed) it was REAL, and authentic.

While I am a perfectionist with my business, I knewI had to get my product out to the people and I would work to grow it. I didn’t care if my launch wasnt a a massive success. Because I knew I would keep growing it, I knew a huge launch didn’t define the success of my business on day 1.

My point here, dont wait for everything to be perfect, it will never be.



Jeff Besos’s leadership principles with Amazon is CUSTOMER OBSESSION. Be obsessed with your customers and that is what I was from day 1. Literally I called my customers family. That is how much I was obsessed with them.  This mindset will take your business so far because 99% of businesses dont give two shits about their customers. They are a sale, they are a number. When you treat the like actual humans, they will:

  • Keep buying from you
  • Write you incredible reviews
  • Refer you to all their friends and fam…

Customer retention is the new form of customer acquisition and its a fraction of the cost.



Along with treating your customers like family, creating an unforgettable experience for your customers is right up there. I wanted an out of this world, experiential type experience each month for my customers.

I knew in the pre launch phase, in those very first weeks where I was at the drawing boards, that I wanted a product that stood out amongst the shuffle of other box businesses. I wanted gold star treatment for my customers. I wanted them to open their box each month and be truly wowed!

Let’s get down to it. You want your product to be impressive AF! This starts with:

  • Your website
  • Your landing pages before you launch
  • Your emails
  • Your social media accounts
  • Your products
  • Your box and packaging
  • The inserts that go inside and everything in between. 

Don’t be that company that doesn’t care how their emails look or who has the sloppy box. BE the company that goes the extra mile, that cares about every single small touch and detail. That is how I felt about every single thing that had the “dapper dog box logo” on it.

Are you interested in growing your subscription box, e-commerce or product business?Apply to work with me 1:1 and let’s transform your business today.

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