The Must-Have Email Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce with Jennifer Gardner

Welcome to the 15th episode of The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast. 

Today we’re talking with Jennifer Gardner, Email marketing & Funnels expert, and owner of Roamhowl Creative. 

Jennifer is an entrepreneur, storyteller and lawyer who has owned her own law firm and multiple other businesses for 20+ years in Los Angeles. After tiring of hiring pricey marketing agencies who overpromised yet underdelivered “results,” she studied directly with 7-figure online marketers, copywriters and social media influencers to learn their secrets. 

She then took what she learned and exploded her business using a simple lead generation system, email, a few iphone videos and a powerful messaging strategy. The secret to her success- magnetic messaging, storytelling, and the authentic energetic transmission behind her short form video and social media content.

She now teaches established business owners and budding entrepreneurs looking to join the digital economy what to say to get clients using social media, email and videos, and helps them create the systems and ads they need to grow their businesses with ease so that they don’t blow their kid’s college fund on pricey marketing strategies that don’t work and they never have to attend another rubber-chicken networking event again. 

Here are some other key takeaways from this episode:

• As an e-commerce business, why you need to be using email marketing and how to make the most of the channel

• The power behind email marketing and growing an email list

• How you can use your email list to get massive sales

• How to make your business more humanized and why that can differentiate you from the giants like Amazon

• How to create powerful email workflows that you can automate and generate passive income from

• The most important email you need to be sending to your email list (hint this email also statistically has the highest open rate)

• A fool proof system for using storytelling to make the emails convert even higher

Connect with Jennifer: (instagram) @iamjenniferbgardner Facebook:  @roamhowl email:  Jennifer@roamhowl.com Freebie link:  https://whatthefdoisay.com/mbm-biz-mod –  – “The Mini But Mighty Lead Gen Machine – How I made $75,000 from a few short iPhone videos and a $300 ad spend.   

This episode was brought to you by my group coaching program, The Marketing Accelerator. My 12 week group coaching program that teaches you how to implement 3 key areas of marketing into your product business to skyrocket your customers and sales, including Email marketing & list building. Apply today at: http://kerriefitzgerald.com/group-coaching-program  

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