The Female Entrepreneurs Gift Guide

Gift Guide for the female entrepreneur Marketing By Kerrie Seattle Marketing Agency

Inspired by Galentines Day and Valentines Day, I’m sharing my top gift guide for all you female entrepreneurs. From keeping organized to getting inspired and motivated, there is something here for all boss babes.

These can also make amazing gifts for friends and items you can use for giveaways to grow your email list or social following.


A Simplified Daily Organizer

One of my smartest decisions last year was purchasing a daily planner by Emily Ley. I love hand writing my goals for the day but I found myself getting really disorganized with my notes. This journal keeps me organized and on track to meet my daily goals.

The amount of high end detail is mind blowing, everything about the journal, from the pages to the box it comes inside, high end all the way. If you’re someone that cares about the small details, you will be obsessed with this one.

Click here to view planners.


Books- Marketing, Motivational + Business

One of my goals for 2020 is to read 1 book each month. Usually I go for marketing books but lately I have really benefitted from motivational books. In any case here are my personal favorites I’ve read this past year.

Rachel Hollis– Girl Wash Your Face/ Marie Forleo – Everything is Figureoutable

Donald Miller – Building a Story Brand/ Gray Vee’s – Crushing It

Charles Duhigg – The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business


Noise Cancellation Headphones

On a recent trip I took to London I had the pleasure of borrowing my husbands headphones so I could binge watch movies on our 12 hour flight. Normally I use my cheap apple headphones but sadly I forgot them on this trip. Suffice to say, adios apple headphones.

Since returning from my trip, I’ve been using the Bose headphones to work out of coffee shops. They are fantastic because they drown out all the outside noise that normal headphones can’t do. They make it easier to concentrate on your work with less distraction.

I found this super cute rose gold pair on target.com


Tickets to a Rise Event

From weekend womens conferences to the 3 day RISE business event in November, Rachel Hollis and her brand are taking over the world. I am getting myself tickets for the RISE business event in November, but I am temted to go to her womens event as well.

RISE Women’s Conference is a space where women from every background, race, and religion can come together in a place of community. The 2020 events take place in Toronto March 5th, San Diego June 11-13th and London 6-8th.

If you’re looking for motivation, a kick in the butt to get moving or a chance to be around some major boss babes, a RISE event is a great idea. RISE Business Conference is a conference for goal chasers, dreamers and a hardworking hustlers ready to reach for more. The event takes place in Austin, Texas on November 5-7th.

For more details on RISE events click here.


A Beautiful Scarf

I love scarfs that can be used multiple ways and have some versatility! I have one that I got at H&M and I bring it with me to use as a shawl/blanket when I work out of coffee shops, on flights as a blanket and of course on the cold chilly days in Seattle it’s worn as a scarf. You can find a large scarf for under $20, this design is from aldo.


Rose Gold Desk Organizer

Make your home office sparkle with this adorable 5 piece desk organizer set. This set brings a modern design with all the glamour needed to keep your office looking great. Function and style to keep you organized and inspired at $27.97 from Blue Monaco.

Bonus- use these pieces for modern flat lay photos for your instagram.



Do you have any must have items that keep you organized, motivated and inspired? Comment below!


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