Instagram Bio Hacks To Attract Your Ideal Customer

Not sure what to include in your instagram bio? Think of this as your elevator pitch — you want to let new followers know exactly who you are and what you do within seconds. You only have 150 characters so make them count. We will share tips to make your instagram bio optimized  plus examples of bios that are written correctly to attract their ideal customers.

Your Title

You can be a little creative here depending on your business but you have 30 characters to use here. Use your name or title or some KEY WORD that your ideal customer would use to search.

Below we can see how Patchwork Pet displays their name – Patchwork Pet Plush Dog Toys

Its crystal clear what this company sells-plush dog toys.

What Your Business Does

Use 1 line to describe what your business does or sells. Is it plush dog toys? Is it high end sunglasses? Be clear and concise. Barkbox does a fantastic job of showing a very clear and concise description of their product- a monthly box of toys, treats and chews to thrill your dog.


Add your location. Make it fun, add an emoji if its relevant, like a lemon or orange for Florida, or a palm tree for California, a tree for Washington.

Clickable Text To Bio + Adding Branded Hashtag

You can add hashtags to your bio. when you include a # or @ before a word or account, other users will be able to click it to learn more! Pura Vida does a great job of including their branded hashtag as a reminder for cstomers to tag them.

Adding a clickable hashtag is important because it allows customers to view your gorgeous portfolio of tagged images, both use generated content and the companies branded images too. Its an easy way to showcase your brand to your customer.

Why Branded hashtags are important?

Followers engage with hashtags, plain and simple. That’s why so many brands promote their own branded hashtags to encourage interactions with their customers. … They also manage to include a variety of beauty-specific hashtags within posts to further expand their reach. You can see above that Puravida’s branded hashtag is #puravidabracelets. Whatever your business is, you should create one hashtag that you use for every single post and a hashtag that you tell your customers to use when they add photos of your product.

Link To Your Website

This is straight forward but always include a link. This can be your website link, feel free to use a link that goes to your homepage or a popular collections list of your products.

Dunkin is using their link to send followers/potential customers to their home page. They also have a note worthy profile description, promotional content to being awareness to their new girl scout cookie coffee and fantastic instagram story highlight covers.

Call To Action Contact Buttons

You can add different contact buttons so customers have an easy way to get in touch. Popular options are Email, Phone and a business address.

To add these, go to the EDIT PROFILE and then CONTACT OPTIONS.

Looking at Ripley and Rues profile, they have a clear way to get in touch with them- Email or Message. ALWAYS MAKE IT EASY for a customer to get in touch. If you don’t you will lose them.

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