Subscription Box Business Tips and Secrets

If I Had Zero Sales on my Shopify or Subscription Box Business…. what I’d Do

Launching a new business is tough. What makes it more tough is taking the plunge to launch but then having crickets for sales. Here are 8 things you can do right away to try to get sales your way.

1. Connect and Leverage Google Analytics

Step 1 is knowing your data. This is insanely important and yet I see so many business owners never looking at their analytics. Data is true and it will tell you so much about your business- both the good, bad and the ugly. Create a gmail account for your business and sign up with google analytics. Connect your shopify store or cratejoy to GA by adding your GA number to your account in your settings!

Each week make a note in your calendar to look and view your google analytics. You need to get yourself in the habit of looking at your numbers. You want to look at your traffic sources (where your traffic is coming from) Acquisition > Traffic. Another page you want to keep your eye on is your site content so you know which pages or blog Posts people are flocking to. Go to Behavior> Site Content.

Look at your Shopify and CJ conversion rate… if its under 2% that means you have a website conversion issue likely.

2. Review Messaging and Copy On Your Website

Review messaging on your website. Do you think it’s aligned with your ideal customer?  Often times we create copy and messaging but it’s not directed or intended for one person, it’s written super generic for everyone. When you try to target everyone, you end up being super vanilla and diluted and you target no-one.

Make sure you really drill into WHO your targeted customers are and address their pain points on your website.

3. Talk like your target customer/audience

This is one of my absolute favorite activities to do with my clients. We want to literally mimic how our customers talk and incorporate that into our copy (website, social media etc).

Heres an easy way to figure out how our customers speak.…. Go to your competitors FB pages, google reviews page or yelp reviews and see what people are saying about their products. Pick up their language and use that in your copy. Look at what people love and most importantly what people HATE/complain about. You will always see patterns with these things

4. Simplify Your Products Listed

Did you launch with a ton of products? Too many products can not only cause confusion on your website for your customers but make it messy for you as the vendor. When launching your business, less is more! Launch with less products and SELL them and then introduce more products.

Heres how you can start to prune your products. Focus on the top few that 1. Have your highest profit and 2. Which ones are the most popular. Weed out ones that don’t sell or people are not visiting the product pages on your website.

5. Make sure your website loading time is FAST!

Slow websites will crush your traffic and conversion. Google will ding you for a slow website making it that much harder to get organic traffic. To make sure your website is loading at a preferred speed, head over to Visit Google’s PageSpeed. This will tell what is making your site slow and how to fix it. One common problem are images that are too large and not optimized for the web. You should always be reducing the size of images that go on your website!

6. Free PR sites like HARO

HARO, which stands for Help a Reporter Out, is a free website that connects journalists/bloggers/media stations to content experts. AKA, YOU pitch yourself and you can get incredibly valuable features in magazines, and online publications.

7. Get reviews asap

Social proof is KEY when you are a new business. You lack credibility and reviews help a new and unsure potential customer feel OK to buy from you. If you don’t have customers yet, send a few products to bloggers or influencers and ask for testimonials. If you are shipping to customers, then be sure to email them after they have received their product and ask for a review.


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