How To Make Pinterest Work For Your Product Business

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If you own a product based business and you arent sure how to make Pinterest work for you? 

The answer is YES Pinterest will soon be your new best friend. It’s a powerhouse for any product based business, especially if you are selling to women. In addition to creating product pins, which you need to and should be doing, here are a few more creative ways to build an incredibly fruitful Pinterest account without solely pushing product pins in your followers faces.




You can pin your products on boards organized by upcoming holidays and popular categories. Make it really easy for people to browse through your boards by clearly and strategically organizing and arranging boards for different categories or topics. If you’re a kids clothing store, then be sure to have boards for Kids Shoes, verse Baby Bows and Onsies for example. Each of these categories are very different and people browsing through are usually looking for something specific.  Insider tip. Make sure you add the “PIN IT “ button to your website. This allows your customers on your website to easily pin items or ideas they see on website to their own Pinterest boards.



Help instill imagination in peoples minds to visualize your product in their life. Don’t talk about your product features but rather show them how your product is used in real life. Think about showing your products in your client’s homes or how they are personally using your products. This is applicable from everything from a coffee cup, to a dog bandana, to books, to clothing, and a million other ways in between. You can also create pins to solve pain points for your customers, show how your product can help them.



People connect with stories and listen to stories far more engaged than they listen to your sales pitch. Translate this into your product pins. Tell stories of what is happening when that person, or dog, or cat, or baby is using your product. Was it given as a wedding gift, or a baby shower gift, or a thoughtful gift for a friend when she had a bad day. Weave in stories. 



This seems so obvious but so many people miss this. Use real people and real lifestyle images as your pins. People connect with other people and faces, so utilize that to your advantage in your pins. Have a board dedicated to your #family. I like to call my customers family and I did that with my product business, The Dapper Dog Box on all social media platforms. You can easily create pins using images of your customers using your product and add their name to the description of the pin to credit them. Lifestyle images featuring real customers do so well. Encourage people to share how your products are being used and create a board around that.



I personally love when businesses have a Pinterest board that gives an inside look into their company. It can be everything from the office decor to the resident dog. This humanizes your business and always remember that people buy from brands and people not from businesses. Make it fun, make it creative.



Just  because you are a product-based business, doesn’t mean you should ONLY be posting product images….. not even close. People want to know about the person behind the business and who you are, what your story is, what your transformation is. Share about yourself, get out of your comfort zone and think about ways you can incorporate what makes you unique in your Pinterest presence


Interested in using Pinterest for your business and want to DIY? Enroll in my online course called “Pinterest for Business 101.”  This is an online course (that you can netflix and binge in one weekend) that will teach you how to use Pinterest for your business to make money, sell products and services, increase traffic and more.

For other free resources on Pinterest, I encourage you to check out my free guide on how to 5X your website traffic with Pinterest with Pinterest or Pinterest for beginners guide and Pinterest tips to attract your ideal customer.

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