How to Create Pinterest Graphics That Get Clicks

How to create Pinterest pin graphics that convert summer float

There is an art to creating highly converting Pinterest pin graphics for your Pinterest strategy. If you’re creating loads of pins, but no-one is clicking on them, then this post is for you.

In todays post we are walking through the anatomy of a great pin and the 4 important things you have to do when creating your Pinterest pin graphics to convert, get link clicks and get seen by your dream customers.

How to create pinterest pin graphics that get clicks and conversions


Step 1. Use a high quality and brand resonating image

Did you know, you can add Pinterest images/graphics two ways. You can upload images directly to Pinterest to create a pin or you can create a pin graphics using

You need to be using high quality, visually appealing, eye catching vertical style images. Think lifestyle, product images, self branding images and stock images. Businesses like styled stock society have incredible stock images geared toward female businesses.

With Pinterest’s new priority on fresh images and fresh content, its never been a better time to subscribe to a stock photo membership like Styled Stock Society. Take a peek below at some of their gorgeous stock images. Each month they add new collections to their already thousands of images, perfect for feminine brands.


How to create pinterest pin graphics that get clicks and conversions. Image size on pinterest is 2:#


Step 2. Image size

The images have to be a vertical size, or 2:3 ratio. If you create your pin graphics in, use their already made template designs that come in 2:3.

For example, if you upload images in Pinterest, be sure you adjust the size to a 2:3 ratio. You can do this by uploading your image, then clicking the pencil icon and adjusting the size to 2:3.

Below are examples of 2:# size pin images/graphics you can make using


How to create pinterest pin graphics that get clicks and conversions. How to optimize your pinterest graphics for mobile

3. Creating pin graphics for mobile phones

If you are not optimizing your pins for mobile devices, your Pinterest strategy isn’t going to be very effective. Did you know that 85% of pinners are using their mobile phones to scroll through Pinterest.What does that mean for you?

For example, you have to do the following things to ensure people will click and stop their scroll. It’s a noisy and crowed space online and it’s essential to make your content stand out.

Here is what you can do to make your content stand out on mobile devices:

  • Add fonts that are EASY to read. This is key. The font size needs to be large and bold, especially your main header statement
  • When you are adding fonts, make sure the colors are contrasting so it’s easy to read. Don’t use a pale color with white font, it’s impossible to read.
  • Remember people are scrolling through on a tony phone, for your pins to stand out you have to use contrasting colors that are easy to read.
  • Inside tip: Create a few pin graphics and email them to yourself, and test them on your phone to make sure they are visible and easy to read
  • Script fonts are fun and beautiful, but guess what they are hard to read on a pin. Use them very sparingly! Also try to avoid using the script fonts with your main keywords.
  • Pinterest actually reads and scans the words on your pin graphics and if its a funky script font thats hard to read, then Pinterest wont pick up on it, therefore NOT prioritizing your pins to your ideal customer




So tell me, how are you going to use Pinterest strategically for your business?


Interested in using Pinterest for your business and want to DIY? Enroll in my online course called “Pinterest for Business 101.” 

This is an online course (that you can netflix and binge in one weekend) that will teach you how to use Pinterest for your business to make money, sell products and services, increase traffic and more.

For other free resources on Pinterest, I encourage you to check out my free guide on how to 5X your website traffic with Pinterest with Pinterest or Pinterest for beginners guide and Pinterest tips to attract your ideal customer.

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