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How To Create a Welcome Email Sequence

how to create a welcome email sequence that boosts revenue for subscription box business and ecommerce business marketing by kerrie

What is a welcome email sequence?

A welcome email sequence is a set or collection of emails that goes out to new subscribers as soon as they subscribe to your email list or opt in forms. This set of emails is one of the most important things you can set up in your business.

In other words, your welcome email series exists to get your new subscribers to know, like, and trust you to solve a specific problem(s) in their lives.

You want to send a very targeted, specific, and customized set of emails to every new subscriber to make sure that their first few experiences with you are amazing. These first few emails are created to build trust and showcase your business’s key selling points.

How Do Welcome Email Sequences Work

Welcome emails have an average open rate of over 50%, which is huge. That first email you send, will be one of the most important emails you send because it establishes a first impression and a positive experience.

I recommend creating at least 3-4 emails for your welcome email sequence.

You can space the emails out every few days but the first email needs to go out the second your follower signs up for your newsletter or opts into a form.

What To Include:

For e-commerce and subscription box businesses:

  • Introduce your business
  • Introduce yourself with a photo
  • How can you help their life?
  • Send them pure value that will get you trusted.
  • Ask them questions: get them to engage
  • Talk briefly about what products and services you provide
  • Include a few key selling points about your products/images of products
  • A call to action + a discount code to encourage purchasing

Email #1

Here is an example of a welcome email from a plush dog toy company, Patchwork Pet. It includes all the right things a first email should.

  • A cute graphic that is engaging and inviting.
  • Hello (insert followers first name)
  • A friendly welcome and a note about who the company is (this build instant connection and trust)
  • A discount to encourage the followers first purchase.
  • A few of their most popular dog toys with cute images.
  • A list of their social channels + links

Email #2

Your second email, you want to introduce yourself again and provide some value, and another offer, discount or incentive to buy.

For an ecommerce + subscription box business, make sure to always throw in a reminder of how your product solves your customers problems.

Don’t forget: Facts tell and stories sell! Introduce yourself in a manner that’s highly entertaining and conversational. You can use photos and graphics that align with your customers.

Below Patchwork Pet uses pretty graphics and cute images of dogs to connect with their ideal customers, dogmoms. They reintroduce a selling point, they talk about their dog toys and offer two 10% off discount reminders.

Don’t be afraid to use images to replace text. For product based businesses, use your images of products to showcase your words. I love how they also showcase a specific instagram dog named @barkleydoodles and feature his favorite toys.

This is an example of indirect storytelling and this creates a sense of connection with followers. This can be replicated with real customers accounts to, just ask for permission and use real images from real customers.

Email #3 + 4

If your planning to do 3-4 emails in your welcome sequence, there are a few things you want to include.

At this point, your subscriber would know you much better than before and trust you to a certain degree. It is now time to move them forward in the customer sales process.

Include specific products you want to sell. You can feature a collection image or a few products. I prefer to use candid images or images with a human. If you have a handbag company, use an image of a human wearing the bag. This gives your followers the imagination they need to see themselves wearing your product.

Push a discount code and create a sense of urgency. Tell them they have 24 hours to use the code.

In their 3rd email, Patchwork Pet creates a sense of urgency by telling their followers the discount will expire. They included their best selling summer toys in this email, as a way to push the followers to purchase.

Remember, it’s all about the connection and value you can bring your new subscribers. Showcase your brands personality, use images and copy that aligns with your customer and makes them want to purchase.

Once your email sequence is finished, you can then add these subscribers to other emails you send out, like promotional, weekly newsletter style emails.

Email Marketing Platforms I Recommend

Below are my two favorite email marketing providers. Ive personally used over 6 email marketing platforms, and I only recommend ones that I personally love.


Flodesk allows you the ability to create email masterpieces with almost ZERO effort. If you have a creative business, artsy, design, fashion, food, etc this is the best option for you.

They have the most incredible templates you can use for automation, emails, opt in forms, and more. You can easily insert your instagram photos at the footer and they have really modern handwritten and script fonts.

If you have a modern business and want something that has easily customizable templates that look like a million bucks, then Flodesk is for you. Click here to take 50% of your subscription with Flodesk. They also give you 1 FREE month to try it out. #winwin

Im literally obsessed with flodesk, which i personally use for Marketing By Kerrie. Check out some of my favorite already made templates they have in their showcase of forms. The Emails, forms, flows are 100% customizable and the platform offers super cute and modern fonts that I love.


Omnisend is my second favorite email marketing platform. Omnisend is great for ecommerce businesses. They offer more of an omnichannel experience, where you can connect facebook messenger,whatsapp, etc. They have options for segmenting, push notifications and more.

If you have a robust ecommerce platform which customers coming from all over and you know how to set up these channels, this could be a great option for you!

Use code YOUFOUNDIT for 10% off a subscription, and it works for 3 months. They offer a free trial for 14 days, so you can try it out to see if it works for you.

Do you have any strategies that have worked for you and your business? Comment Below.




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