How To Create a Brand For your Subscription Box Business


A brand is the way the world sees and perceives your business – the emotions and value that people associate with it. Your brand is more than your logo!

It’s the expression of your personality, how you communicate your business values, the way you connect with your audience, build relationships, your personality, colors and fonts. Your brand IS ultimately how you sell your products or services.

Think about your favorite companies and brands, write them down.

Mine are: Starbucks, Subaru, Lululemon and Toms.

What brands did you choose? What do you like about them? Is it their personality, their values, how their campaigns look? Most of the time it isnt the logo you like, its the personality, the values, the character that brand showcases.

Although Starbucks, Toms and Subaru are huge brands with infinite budgets, today I will walk you through a few easy and actionable strategies to build out your own brand on a budget.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”

-Jeff Bezos


Brand Strategy


Open up a google doc and wrote down these questions and then spend a few minutes on each question and come up with an answer.

What are 10 words that describe your business?

Write down your brand personality. Is it funny, serious? how do you speak to your customer, whats the tone?

What do I want to be known for in the marketplace?

Who is your customer/audience? What are your audience’s biggest struggles, pain points, desires, fears, and values?

What about your background or services sets you apart from your competitors? How are you going to be different from them?

Brand Identity & Mood Board


Open up pinterest and create a secret board, label it moodboard.

Moodboards are the BEST way to start drilling down into your brand. Use Pinterest to explore and bring your vision to life. Set the tone for your brand voice, look, and feel.

You will want to come up with 2-3 colors, fonts and a personality for your brand. Start pinning colors, fonts you like to get an idea of what might look good together. Always go back to who your ideal customer is and what resonates with them. pin anything that resonates with you at this stage!

As an example, below is a moodboard I created The Dapper Dog Box. My ideal customer was a 25-35, female, working professional who had at least one dog. The brand was colorful, fun and energetic, focusing on pinks and lavenders and turquoises.

How to create a brand for your subscription box business marketing by kerrie

Here is another example of a moodboard I created for an up and coming natural aromatherapy brand. For this I was inspired by greens, pinks, natural fonts and colors that would resonate with a customer.


Canva Brand Identity Board

A tip for ya! Once you have figured out a few combination of colors and fonts you like, head over to and create another board. Now you can add on the combinations to see what looks really good together. I usually create a 8 by 12 in doc and then add in circles ( elements) add the color and make it all look pretty.

Create a Brand Not a Business

People buy from brands not businesses. It’s really important to showcase your personality, character and values throughout your website, ads, emails and social media. HUMANS CONNECT WITH HUMANS. I can’t stress this enough. Show your face, add that picture of yourself on your website, do instagram lives, it works.


Be Obsessed With Your Customer

Your branding is about more than your logo, it’s about what you do once you’ve connected with those customers. The reputation you gain—and what customers say behind your back—is the most important part of your branding. Treat customers like gold.

Tying Everything Together

A brand stands for more than a logo. It is the way your personality, colors, fonts, messaging all aligns together and is cohesive across channels. If you are using email, instagram, website, marketing materials, everything should have the same look and feel.





Who are your favorite brands? Comment below!



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