Teaching subscription box or e-commerce business owners how to master email, Instagram, and influencer marketing to increase shop sales in the next 60 days

The Product Biz Marketing Accelerator Program

A 12 week group program for 5 early stage product business owners (Subscription box and E-Commerce) who want to learn how to market their business in an easy, not so confusing way.

Marketing is THE secret sauce behind a successful business and you need to become a master of marketing friend.

This is the only program for product business owners that focuses exclusively on marketing.

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Master Instagram. You want to understand how to use the platform to sell products, get more followers and make the gram your #1 social media sales machine

Get to that 100,200,500+ subscribers mark in your subscription box biz

Create a predictable and repeatable customer acquisition process. You want to know how to get customers and repeat and recycle the process.

You have an amazing product but you don't know how to get more eyeballs on it so you can sell

You've heard the power of email marketing but need the secret sauce workflows and automations so you can make $$ while you sleep.

You want to learn the power of influencer marketing and how to implement it for your business the right way

You want to learn from an expert who has already done all the work. 

This group is designed for women who are looking to become marketing ninjas and want to

One of the easiest ways to get more eyeballs on your products is by leveraging a community of people who have the network and connections to help you gain major visibility.

influencer marketing

Automate sales in your sleep and learn the best tactics to grow your email list to thousands of potential customers. Never again will you say, "I don't know what to send to my email list."

Email Marketing/ List building

The easiest social media channel to sell products. You will learn what to post, what to say and how to use the channel to leverage major sales and grow a mini community of raving and loyal superfans


This program will teach you the skills and foundations to master 3 core areas of marketing.

 To get more sales and customers FAST, you need to master these 3 channels as a product biz owner. If you want a successful business, then marketing IS what you need.

- Madison Tinder

"Kerrie was literally amazing! I worked with her to start my new e-commerce business, Soulful Scrunchies. She is unbelievable, and really knows what she's talking about. I couldn't have had a successful soulful scrunchies launch with out her. Thank you so much Kerrie, you're amazing"


soulful scrunchies

Client Love

-Leah & Eileen

"Kerrie was amazing to work with! She’s so knowledgeable and has a ton of tricks up her sleeve. She’s fun, honest, and gives practical advice. We highly recommend her!"

Client Love



Weekly group coaching call with the community where we will do a new training and go over any questions you might have! We will have extended time at the end for questions around implementation. 

Templates, swipe files and any relevant materials you need.

Hot seat coaching, aka let's do a deep dive into your business and give you practical tips and ideas for improvement.

Access to your business coach, who has already done the work and can give you time and support to make massive waves in your business.

Here's what you'll get inside the marketing accelerator group coaching program

Sound like a great fit for you?

Before starting my existing coaching business in 2019, I founded and owned a boutique subscription box and e-commerce business for 3 years, called The Dapper Dog Box. I grew this business to over $350,000 in revenue, mastered the art of marketing and selling products that were wildly in demand by my customers and growing the business to thousands of raving superfans.

My business got features from Forbes, the dodo, business insider, buzzfeed and most recently Mariah Carey's most wanted gifts from Amazon. I truly know what it takes to take your product dream and turn it into something your customers are dying to get their hands on.

The secrets behind the success of my business? MARKETING. It is THE secret sauce behind any successful business. I will share all the behind the scene secrets that worked for me and enabled me to take my little box business  and turn it into a multi 6 figure business in 2 years.

Have we met?

I'm Kerrie, your product based business coach

- Krista Kirby

"My month long accelerator with Kerrie was incredible! She helped me set my business on a strong footing so that it can grow quickly and easily. Her direction and help have made an amazing difference in my business and by implementing her advice, my sales have increased dramatically. I encourage anyone with a product-based business to come to Kerrie for help and advice You won't be disappointed"


brainbox kids

Client Love

-Leah & Eileen

"Kerrie was amazing to work with! She’s so knowledgeable and has a ton of tricks up her sleeve. She’s fun, honest, and gives practical advice. We highly recommend her!"

Client Love



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Keep accountable with our weekly calls and Q&A sessions


Collaborate with each other in our private  group.


Be in a group with like minded entrepreneurs like you! 

support system

Community is so powerful when it comes to success. Are you in one that pushes you and supports you? Inside our group coaching you will find...

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