Email Marketing Automations-done for you in a day

Done for you email automations- all in one day.

If you're ready to turn email marketing into a money making machine for your business- this is for you.

Stop Leaving Money On The Table By Not Having A Solid Email Marketing Strategy 

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing & sales channels you need to be using for your e-commerce business. From generating sales in your sleep, to building relationships with customers and having a solid place to communicate with your audience that YOU OWN! 

Email is what you are missing.

but let's be real.

Trying To Figure Out This Whole "email marketing thing" All Alone- Totally Sucks.

Email Marketing can change your business....

It can change the way you communicate with your customers, and change the way you make money (like in your sleep!) When you know HOW to use email marketing, you can get your customers to buy MORE, Get them to connect with your brand, make money in your sleep and turn leads into hungry buyers.

stop leaving so much money on the table and lets put it in your pockets

Wouldn't It Be Nice If....

you got more sales while you were sleeping- not this is not a joke

Your email automations are completely set up so when you are sleeping, walking your dog or taking your kids to the beach- email is making money for you.

you could have reliable revenue coming your way 

Between your email automations, your new templates, and having a solid strategy for weekly emails, your emails are working for you and not the other way around

you didnt have to ask yourself "what do i send to my list"

With your custom made templates, and personalized strategy, you now know what to send to your list. Lets not forget your amazing welcome sequence that welcomes every new person joining your email list and works to convert them into a dreamy new buyer of your product

Done for you email automations with your very own email marketing ninja


Email Marketing Automations- Done in a Day

Here is what you get:

Yes, please

3 Essential Email Automation & Flows

Welcome Sequence

Nurture those new email subscribers and turn them into buyers! 
{Up to 6 emails}

Post Purchase

Turn your buyers into your customer superfans ( more sales, more UGC, more reviews) and so much more! 
{Up to 7 emails}

Recover those lost sales and get them to complete their purchase
{Up to 4 emails}

Cart Abandonment

Klaviyo to Shopify Setup Training

We only work with Klaviyo

The good news is we will share our training so you can easily set up & integrate Klaviyo with Shopify in a pinch


** this is our founding members launch price- the price will be going up to $2500+ soon


1. You Apply Your spot

You will receive an email with an invoice, proposal and contract (50% deposit upfront) to reserve your spot.

3. homework time

Once you pay your invoice we will send you some homework to get started on. You will fill out a brand guide, tell us about your customer journey and start filling out the bones of our email templates

4. schedule a call

5. I create your emails & We have our VIP day

I will work on your email automations and templates BEFORE our VIP day. On the actual VIP day I send everything your way and you can send me your changes and I work through those on the VIP day. By the end of the day, your email automations will be LIVE

I Need This

Kind Words

Kerrie will be your BIGGEST cheerleader. She gave me the tools for success and always made me feel like a priority.

—Leanne, pure earth pets

Kerrie is so trust worthy, kind, generous with her time and I am completely grateful to her.

— Annie, Annie Taylor Design

Kerrie is unbelievable and really knows what she's talking about!I couldn't have had a successful launch without her.

— madison, soulful scrunchies


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