Create an Instagram Strategy that Sells Products and Creates Community in Four Key Steps

Create an Instagram Strategy that Sells Products and Creates Community

Welcome to the 22nd episode of The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast. 

I get asked all the time, “How do I grow my instagram, or How do I get more followers on Instagram? Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of my Marketing Accelerator group Coaching program and giving you the framework behind the instagram portion of my program. In my marketing program we deep dive into three key and essential marketing channels you need to grow your business. One of those channels is Instagram and we spend 6 weeks deep diving it, dissecting it and you walk away knowing how to sell, make more sales and get more customers from Instagram. If you are ready to become a marketing ninja and use Instagram to effortlessly increase your sales, then join me in my Marketing Accelerator Group Coaching Program. Apply today, program is for only 5 people or less and we begin at the end of april. Apply today to guarantee your spot.   http://kerriefitzgerald.com/group-coaching-program 

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This episode was brought to you by my course, The Subscription Box Growth Academy. If you want more sales, more customers, more profit, better marketing strategies that work, then this course is for you. SIGN UP HERE https://kerriefitzgerald.com/growth-academy-accelerator.

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