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Do you own a business or maybe you’re thinking about starting one? Growing a successful business doesn’t happen overnight… nope not even close. There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that go on behind the scenes and I want to show you the reality of it all.

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I’m Kerrie
E-commerce and Marketing Ninja, podcaster, educator and lover of all things helping YOU grow and scale your e-commerce brand without ads
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Master The Art of Organic Marketing So You Don't Need Ads

In this two part series I am diving deep into my speciality and area of expertise, organic marketing. I am breaking this interview into two parts because there is so much valuable information that I want to share with you. If you haven’t listened to part 1 please do listen to that episode first. Are […]

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how to create a brand for your subscription box business kerrie fitzgerald

A brand is the way the world sees and perceives your business – the emotions and value that people associate with it. Your brand is more than your logo! It’s the expression of your personality, how you communicate your business values, the way you connect with your audience, build relationships, your personality, colors and fonts. Your […]

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How to bullet proof your subscription box business and ecommerce business kerrie fitzgerald

4 Ways Organic Marketing is the Future of Ecommerce and Subscription Box Businesses. How To Bulletproof Your E-Commerce and Subscription Box Business in 2022 and Beyond Since the IOS update of 2021 has majorly impacted ads and how much they can actually reach customers. Focusing on your organic strategy will truly be the way to […]

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Organic Marketing Strategis for subscription box and ecommerce business kerrie fitzgerald

Are you a subscription box business or Shopify ecommerce store who is tired of throwing money down the drain on facebook ads that just dont work? Or maybe you think you NEED to do ads to get customers but you just have no idea how to do it. The worst part is that with the […]

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How to work with influencers at any budget with Sydney Johnson from Mad Pup Life

Ever wondered what it’s like to partner and collaborate with an influencer? One of the most popular questions I get asked every day is “how do I work with influencers?” On today’s episode we have Sydney Johnson, an influencer who has been working with brands since 2017.  We dive deep into influencer marketing, from an […]

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10 Steps To Getting Over Your Fear Of Video

If you are a video-phobe, then this episode was made for you. I walk you through 10 steps to getting over your fear of video for your product-based business. In this episode I share 10 easy steps you can implement today to get started on video.  How to prepare mentally before committing to video How […]

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A Product Business Guide To Being Featured In The Media & Gift Guides with Gloria Chou

Have a dream of being featured on Brit & Co, or Forbes, or Goop, maybe Martha Stewart Living but you have absolutely no clue how to make that happen? Well you are in for a treat my friend because on today’s episode we have a PR mentor and pitching expert, who is spilling the tea […]

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Create A Scroll Stopping Customer Experience- Case Study of Peggy Porschen Cakes in London

Welcome to the 50th episode of The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast!  When a shop nails their branding and creates an experience so unique, people line down the street to get their photo taken in front 🥂 Drumroll….. Peggy Porschen Cake Shop in London. This episode is all about how this cake shop in London […]

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Increasing Sales by 100% - Beauty Subscription Box Inside Look with Tracy Ftacek of Pretty Set Go

Welcome to the 49th episode of The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast. In today’s episode, Slay & Scale Product Academy alumni, Tracy Ftacek talks to me about her journey as a hair industry educator and multi passionate product business owner. She is the owner and CEO of Pretty Set Go, a subscription Box that‘s revolutionizing […]

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