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e-commerce business.

Get your questions answered and walk away with a plan of action while feeling confident, NOT confused.

Hello My Amazing Ecommerce Business Owner.

I see you. You're likely feeling stressed, frustrated and confused. You're working hard but not seeing the results you want.

You started your business with a vision of creating amazing products with a strong mission. Little did you know you’d be spending your evenings updating your website, trying to understand email marketing and figure out how the hell to make Instagram actually work for you. 

But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works and what doesn't.

but let's be real.

Trying To Figure Out This Whole "Product Biz Thing" All Alone- Totally Sucks.

Join me for a call where we'll create a strategic plan, specific to your business & an action plan for you to execute moving forward.

After the call you'll feel crystal clear on where you're heading & what steps to take next to scale your e-commerce business.

Stop feeling stuck!

get clarity on your business in 90 minutes

How It Works

For our session, we can either discuss a topic that you need help with/are struggling with or you can come prepped with questions and we will create a custom strategy for you. 

You will walk away with more clarity on how to move forward in your business, for more customers and more sales.

Yes, please



You will receive an email with some questions to answer and a calendar link to schedule our call.


We hop on a zoom call and you walk away getting questions answered and a strategy to move forward. #winwin

Kind Words

Kerrie will be your BIGGEST cheerleader. She gave me the tools for success and always made me feel like a priority.

—Leanne, pure earth pets

Kerrie is so trust worthy, kind, generous with her time and I am completely grateful to her.

— Annie, Annie Taylor Design

Kerrie is unbelievable and really knows what she's talking about!I couldn't have had a successful launch without her.

— madison, soulful scrunchies

With this service:

You Will:

+ Get your questions answered

+ GAIN specific strategy with someone you are struggling with

+ get eyeballs on your business and get personalized feedback

want something like that?

book a 90 minute session

Investment: $699


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