5 Pinterest Tips To Attract Your Ideal Customer

5 ways to use pinterest to attract your ideal customer marketing by kerrie seattle marketing agency

1. Optimize Your Profile

One of the most important parts of your Pinterest page is the profile. Make your description to the point, short and sweet and always include the location of where your business is/where you want clients.

2. Get Local + Use Location Keywords In Your Profile

As a LOCAL business, this is one of the most important ways to get new customers. Pinterest is a visual search engine and because of that, using the RIGHT keywords is going to get your content found. And if you’re trying to attract local clients, using your location is crucial for getting found.

So let’s say you’re a leather handbag company based in Nashville, you want to include “Leather Handbag Business in Nashville” in your name, bio, board titles and Pin descriptions. 

You might even think about including a board called “Nashville Boutique Stores” to attract your local audience to your profile.

3. Create boards specifically for your service/product & boards that will attract your target audience to your profile

When creating boards, think about your ideal client. Who are they? How can you help them? How can your boards provide information to serve them?

For a dog subscription box service this could be seperate boards for dog breeds, popular pet bloggers, dog health care, pupies etc. For an SEO organization, this could be separate boards for each element, such as Link building Tips, SEO strategies, On Page SEO Tips, etc. 

Here are some other ideas, use keyword research and use search terms that your ideal customer is searching for: 

HINT: Go into Pinterest and start typing something into the search bar. Just like google, Pinterest will show you top results of related terms for anything you search for.

  • SEO for beginners; SEO keywords; SEO marketing ; SEO tips

If you want to automate your pinterest pinning process, you must use Tailwind. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to automating your pins and growing your account.

4. Create Helpful and Useful Content For Your Audience

By all means, use your gorgeous images and use those in your boards but make sure to also create educational and useful content that HELPS your audience. Interest users are searching for answers to their problems and this is your chance to help them.Because Pinterest is a search engine, Pinterest users are seeking solutions to their problems. 

Write down 3-4 problems your ideal customer has, then write down as many solutions you can help them fix. There is your content strategy.  

For example. You can start a blog, create sections of content around your customers pain points and then start writing. Create pins for all your posts and then see linking them to your blog. This not only helps your SEO, but helps drive website traffic and list building.

5. Join Niche Boards On Pinterest

Join like minded boards and groups on Pinterest to maximize visibility. If your business was in the SEO industry, below is an example of related SEO boards on Pinterest that you could follow.

You’ll get better results if you join group boards that have your target audience in them because this way, you can get right in front of them.


Interested in using Pinterest for your business and want to DIY? Enroll in my online course called “Pinterest for Business 101.”  This is an online course (that you can netflix and binge in one weekend) that will teach you how to use Pinterest for your business to make money, sell products and services, increase traffic and more.

For other free resources on Pinterest, I encourage you to check out my free guide on how to 5X your website traffic with Pinterest with Pinterest or Pinterest for beginners guide and Pinterest tips to attract your ideal customer.

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