3 Reasons Your Instagram Strategy isn’t Getting you Sales

If your spending time on Instagram but you’re not getting sales or very few sales, then here are things you may be doing that are preventing you from getting sales. Instagram is the easiest way to generate sales for your e-commerce, subscription box or product business!

1. Only posting product photos

This is likely the #1 reason your account isn’t growing OR your not getting a lot of sales. Instagram is an engagement and connection channel. People come to instagram to connect with others, see cool photos and discover something new and interesting. If your feed is just sales sales sales ten how is that interesting for your audience? You have to make it fun for people to follow you by diversifying the content on your feed. 

2. Your not engaging with your audience

Are you a post and ghoster? That means you post something on your feed but then don’t take the time to reply to comments and engage with people. Insta is an engagement channel. One of your goals for your IG account is to create a mini community. That takes engagement from your end. At the very least you MUST reply to comments when someone leaves one on your account.

3. Your not showing your customers any love

What happens when your customers post photos of your product on instagram? Do you share that on your feed? Do you comment and give the a little love?

If you aren’t doing these things, then I highly recommend you start doing them asap! Treat your customers like they are THE most important people in your business…. because they are. If you want them to keep purchasing from you then you gotta show them the love! 

3. Your not making it fun for people to follow you

When you post content that your ideal customer cares about then you’re instantly getting them to be more engaged. Boring sales pitches, product photos on white backgrounds will only get you so far with your instagram strategy.

People get bored quickly and you need to keep things spicy! Engage with customers, re-share pics of photos they took, post fun content in between product pics, do giveaways,  and create fun blogs they will love to read.


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