How to Get “Retail-Ready” – Product-Based Entrepreneurs Need to Land Big Retail Contracts with Maureen Mwangi of STARTWARD CONSULTING

Today we dive into all things RETAIL! Have you ever thought about your gorgeous products being on a Target or Nordstrom shelf?  Today’s guest is Maureen Mwangi. Maureen is the brand growth strategist behind some of America’s most beloved brands, like L’Oréal, Chobani, Dove, and Lays. Maureen’s zone of genius is her rare ability to connect with a market and turn real data into brand growth strategies that drive multi-million dollar growth. 

In this episode we dive into:

  • Three phases of a product-based business’s lifecycle and What are the most important marketing and sales strategies needed for each phase
  • Why it’s important for product-based entrepreneurs to “know their numbers.” 
  • When it comes to “big brand strategies” What do big brands know that growing brands don’t

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