Create an Instagram Strategy That Attracts Your Dream Customers with Rachel Doran

Create an Instagram Strategy That Attracts Your Dream Customers with Rachel Doran

Welcome to the 31st episode of The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast. 

Have you ever been curious how to create an actual strategy on Instagram? Today we’re talking with pet industry social media marketer Rachel Doran of Tell Your Tails. Rachel is spilling the beans on all things Instagram and talking about topics like, why just posting on the gram doesn’t work, why creating a strategy is essential and tips to actually stay consistent on Instagram.

Rachel Doran is the owner and founder of Tell Your Tails. She specializes in helping pet businesses attract and connect with their ideal customers so that they can sell to them over and over again! Through coaching and tailored social media, email, and blogging services, Rachel is passionate about helping pet entrepreneurs tell their own unique tale in order to captivate their own pet business super fans!

Here are some other key takeaways from this episode:

  • What makes Instagram so different than other social media platforms
  • What Instagram trends are popular right now/should be considered when building your strategy
  • What are the key components that make up your Instagram strategy
  • How do you make sure to stick with your strategy/not fall off the wagon

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