How To Increase Sales & Visibility For Your E-Commerce Business Podcast Episode 9

Welcome to the 9th episode of The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast. 

Today we’re talking with Jeannie North, the brand and marketing genius behind the popular pet brand, Ripley and Rue. She started a pet brand after her two dogs and designs premium dog goods and human apparel. Jeannie has mastered the art of standing out in a saturated niche as her business has skyrocketed over the past 4 years. Her instagram account has more than 115,000 followers, her brand has been featured on websites like buzzfeed, modern dog magazine and more. She combines the art of design & unique products and this translates into a brand with loyal superfan customers.

If you are a new brand that is struggling to really stand out in a saturated market with loads of competitors, then this episode is a must have for you.

Here are some other key takeaways from this episode:

  • A little background (and banter) around how I first met jeannie and how she quickly became my “business bestie”in the pet industry
  • How to create visibility for your business and how to stand out in a saturated niche
  • Some of the key channels she drives traffic to her shopify store
  • The #1 shopify app that generates revenue for her business (P.S. its likely not something you’ve even heard of)
  • Tangible tips you can implement today to elevate your visibility.

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