How I made $350,000 in my subscription box business in 2 years

How I made $350,000 in two years.

There is no quick way to tell you this but in short, I want to share 6 things that helped me grow my business to multi 6 figures in two years. To keep it real, NO it wasn’t an easy task. But I’m here to help you see the potential that your business has and YOU TOO can do it! 
1. I niched down in a super saturated space and targeted ONE idea customer not everyone. 
2. I spent time on the things that increased conversions- Website, Product Photos were perfection. 
3. I created a superior customer experience ( Packaging/Box and inserts and everything in between). 
4. I was obsessed with my customers. A+ for customer service all the way. My goal was to make sure my customers loved my product that they shouted my business from the rooftops. 
5. I used my ninja marketing skills to market my business to sell, sell, sell in a way that resonated with my ideal customer. 
6. I diversified my customer acquisition channels. I focused on getting customers from many places, not putting all my eggs in the instagram basket
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